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Play the Flute (Five&Two Pictures) is our currently available film.

Play the Flute

Compelled by God's leading, youth pastor Brandon Cobb (Brett Varvel) declines a comfortable ministry position to lead a youth group of rebellious and disinterested teens, hoping to inspire them with a true passion for Christ.

Play the Flute is powerful film about taking obedience to Christ seriously and following Him faithfully. This modern parable will help your congregation realize the Lordship of Jesus in an unforgettable way.

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A recent study by the University of North Texas revealed that the TV and film viewing habits of America’s Christians is indistinguishable from the habits of secular viewers -- and it’s showing in their lives. Morally, most Christians don’t stand out, don’t have biblical theology, don’t have strong faith and are leaving the Church in droves. Many buy into the attitudes and beliefs of the culture around them, and these ideas are powerfully sold via modern parables — the power of movie storytelling.

We are launching ChurchShowings.com to help tackle this problem head-on. To counter the culture’s anti-God parables, we are featuring biblically sound films as modern day parables of Jesus. Our effort isn’t just about showing films. Anyone can do that, and recently, even secular filmmakers are trying to capitalize are the “faith” market.

We are laboring to build Christ’s Kingdom, edify believers and take back faith ground stolen by Satan by partnering with churches to showcase Christ-honoring feature films.

About ChurchShowings.com

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