The average American Christian views 50 hours of Movies and TV for every Sermon they hear...

Though your congregation may be different, do you see the effects of this in your community? Have you noticed that, more and more, "Christians" look and live much like the World?

A college ministry recently noted that 2 of 3 youths dump their faith when they leave home – and most never return. Do you think that the flood of Secular Media they consume might have something to do with that? Like any effective propaganda, secular messages are "sold" constantly through active, engaging, larger-than-life stories.

In your effort to fight back, we come along side you and your ministry – offering you the tools to fight fire with fire – powerful, engaging, in-living-color stories that present the Truth...


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Fight Fire with Fire...

A pastor recently described us as Media Missionaries. provides excellent, biblically-sound Christian films that you can use to encourage and exhort your church, and to present the Gospel to your community. We are here to serve you and your church so you can access powerful tools for fighting the lies sold through secular media.

As we partner with you, you will have access to quality, Christ-honoring features, documentaries, childrens' films, and more. You can use these to host fellowship events and outreach opportunities, helping guests to be more receptive to the Gospel and to connect with your church.

While no film will replace preaching, fellowship and discipleship, a biblically-sound film can "plow the field," opening viewers' ears to receive the Word as God directs you to preach.

How we're different

Biblically Sound Features

Message matters. Our films are carefully screened to make sure they line up with Scripture.

Request a screening preview so you can feel confident about bringing our films to your church.

Event Support

We don't just provide a film. We provide tools that let you promote your film ministry event both online and in the real world.

You can also track the results and know what to expect for attendance.

Ongoing Ministry Resources

The film plows the field, but Scripture exhorts us to "make disciples."

We encourage event attendees to connect with your church, get involved and grow. We also have resources to help those who are searching to find Christ.

What churches are facing

While there are many factors at play, the powerful influence of the stories that average Christians consume is incredible. Rather than being salt and light in our world, the influence of the World's parables is making Christians secular. These are some of the alarming facts about today's Christian culture.


Bible Reading

  • 35% of Americans read scripture once or more per week
  • 39% of Christians say the Bible should be taken literally
  • 42% of Christians believe that reading the Bible is essential
  • 21% of Christians say Bible reading isn't important for Christians

The Pew Research

Church Attendance

  • 49% Millenials of all backgrounds are rejecting Christianity
  • 64% of Millenials say they rarely or never attend church
  • Older generations are pulling out of church at unprecidented rates
  • Less than half of America attends church one or more times per month

The Pew Research

Media Consumption

  • Media has become the #1 socialization method
  • Americans average 3.5 hours of TV viewing daily
  • The Average American watches more than 45 movies per year (Barna)
  • Christians are as likely to watch MTV as non-Christians

Dutke, UNT

Attitudes on Morality

  • 66% of Americans prefer reason, experience or science as a moral guide
  • 45% of Christians prefer reason, experience or science as a moral guide
  • 43% of Christians say that homosexuality should be accepted
  • 51% of Americans favor abortion in some or all cases

The Pew Research

About Play the Flute

Play the Flute is the film we are currently making available.

Compelled by God's leading, youth pastor Brandon Cobb (Brett Varvel) declines a comfortable ministry position to lead a youth group of rebellious and disinterested teens, hoping to inspire them with a true passion for Christ.

Play the Flute is powerful film about taking obedience to Christ seriously and following Him faithfully. This modern parable will help your congregation realize the Lordship of Jesus in an unforgettable way.

Play the Flute (Five&Two Pictures) is our currently available film.

Brett Varvel
Sean Ormond
Kennedy Tucker
Terri Conn
Clint Howard
Fred Grandy
Loretta Swit

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