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Where are your church members Saturday night?

Movie Theatres

Millions of Christian families may spend over $100 going out for a night at the movies.  But most secular films are filled with unbiblical content, bad language, immorality and the list goes on. And many “faith based” theater films are very lacking in Christian content and rarely share the true gospel.

What if your church hosted your own Film Night?

We all know movies are powerful and the enemy has used them to tear down the moral fiber of our country and more important eliminate the authority and person of Jesus Christ from these films.  

We believe your church can be used to reach families with Christ-honoring, evangelistic films.  You can now show exclusive first-run movies – not available on DVD or streaming – where your church is the only place people could see these powerful films hosted by your church!

  • An inreach – bringing out your families
  • An outreach – reaching new families

ChurchShowings.com is commited to bringing you the top Christian films with solid, inspring messages for the LORD. Our first such film is from veteran Christian filmmaker Rich Christiano (Time Changer, The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, A Matter of Faith) with his brand new film called Play the Flute.

Play the Flute, a Rich Christiano Film
Play the Flute Official Trailer

 “Play the Flute is fantastic.  Incredible message. Wonderful story.  Praise God for your faithfulness.”

–Paul Boge, Winnipeg Christian Film Festival

“The film challenges not just young people, but all people proclaiming the name of Christ to get serious about the Word of God and their relationship with the God of the Word.  The message is powerful, provoking, and relevant to everything our nation and the church is facing today.  A must see for everyone.”

–Paul Cornelius, Director, The Discovery Center, Abilene, TX

“It was a great night!  We had 261 kids attend the showing.  I had lots of comments on the movie.  All were very positive.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to view the movie.  It is truly a life changing movie.”

–Chris Roth, Youth Pastor, Lamar, MO

“We just finished watching Play The Flute.  Great job!  Very touching.  Very inspirational.  Very truth-filled.  I was very impressed by the acting of everyone.  Thank you for creating a film worth watching.”

–Pastor Dan Jones, Albany, NY   

 “Fantastic movie! All the characters were great. You wrote a phenomenal script. God is going to use this movie to change a lot of lives. Keep using your burden and God-given talents for His glory.”

–Pastor Craig Mele, Joppa, MD  

“I can barely type this through the tears I have right now. What a powerful film, so relevant to today’s world yet faithful to God as our rock, our Savior. His message is timeless and eternal and you made that clear in the film.”   

–Tammy, Child Evangelism Area Director, Fresno, CA  

“This is such a timely film. The church youth of today are so apathetic to spiritual things, so much in fact — I often fear we’ve lost this culture. Your youth group must see this film. If you’ve got a heart for the young people in your church and area, get them to watch this, and see God move!” 

–Lyndon Wester, Alberta, Canada

Who We Are

ChurchShowings.com partners with solid Christian filmmakers like Five & Two Pictures, the film outreach of Dave & Rich Christiano.

You may have seen their previous films:

  • Time Changer
  • Unidentified
  • Me & You, Us, Forever
  • The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
  • Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea
  • A Matter of Faith
  • Remember the Goal
  • Power of the Air

What We Do

We provide you with a screener link so you can preview the film.

When you decide on a date to show the film at your church, we will provide a screening link, a bluray or a DVD to use.

We’ll provide movie posters to promote the outreach evening around town, and we have an Image Gallery you can use for social media promotion.

We also have a one page, excellent study guide for you to use in meetings after your viewers see the movie!

“WOW!  Literally, that was the best movie you have directed/produced and that is saying A LOT!  This movie is so powerful and I really believe that it will reach the younger generation in a powerful way.  Everyone needs to see this film.  This is definitely the clearest and most concise Gospel message I have ever seen in any Christian based film.  You knocked it out of the proverbial park with this one.”
–Pastor Jeff,  Fort Oglethorpe, GA

What’s the cost?

Ken Ivy as Teddy in Play the Flute

ChurchShowings.com is committed to releasing Christ-honoring films that will edify the Christian that also share the true gospel.  And to help our Producers pay for these films, we are asking for $4/person as a rental (minimum $200) or an offering of what you can afford to help with the costs of these productions.

Learn more about showing Play the Flute at your church!

For more information and to set up your private screening, fill out the form with your contact info or call us at 414-212-5321

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